The Main Committee meets every two months and it is an opportunity to discuss recent events in the legal world and for the sub-committees to feedback on issues and activities.

The Ex officio members (Executive Board) form part of the Committee but are not included in the numbers, as the main committee can only have a maximum of 12 members.

Ex-Officio Members

  • Glynis Wright – President
  • Mehmooda Duke – Chair
  • Bushra ali – Immediate Past President
  • Christl Hughes (Vice President)
  • Krishna Kotecha – Deputy Vice President
  • Matthew Olner – Honorary Treasurer
  • Jonathan Foster (Past President)

Committee Members

  • Gayle Rowley
  • Mukesh Basra
  • Peter Duffin
  • Angela Titley-Vial
  • Daniel O-Keeffe
  • Imogen Cox
  • Lisa-Marie Leanders
  • Gina Samuel-Richards
  • Nanita Kanabar
  • Jessica Huczmann
  • Zainab Zaeem-Sattar
  • Parvien Akhtar
  • Greg Hollingsworth
  • Linda Lee
  • Ravinder Hothi
  • Katherine Marshall