Leicestershire Legal Profession and Community Unites to Walk For Justice

The local legal profession and advice sector are joining forces on Monday 4th June 2018 to take part in the Leicester Legal Walk.

The Legal Walks has attracted the support of the whole of the legal profession across England and Wales. The Leicester Legal Walk, an after work sponsored walk, is one of 40 similar events that raises funds for local legal advice charities. Teams from local law firms, chambers and in-house legal teams will come together with local judges and members of the community to support local advice services such as Citizens Advice Bureau and Law Centres.

The event is run by the Midland Legal Support Trust (MLST) and representatives from the local Leicestershire legal profession. The MLST forms part of a network of Legal Support Trusts, working with the Access to Justice Foundation, to facilitate access to specialist legal advice for the poorest and most vulnerable people in the community. The organisations supported by the Leicester Legal Walk make a huge difference to families facing homelessness, older people requiring community care, trafficked women and children, people with disabilities, those with mental health problems and many more.

The recent cuts to civil legal aid have drastically impacted the legal profession and public services. The additional cuts to local government funding of advice services means many charities are fighting to survive. Some organisations have merged, meaning already tight resources are being stretched over greater distances.  More and more frequently, these organisations have had to cease providing services altogether.

Vulnerable people like Mr. G Have suffered the most as a result of reduced advice services.

Mr G was the father of a terminally ill teenage boy. He had been refused respite care from the local authority and so was making himself ill trying to continue to work and care for his son during his final months. He sought specialist community care representation and his solicitor secured a package of respite care which enabled him to be with his son as much as possible until he passed away.

On 4th June, lawyers from across Leicestershire will be walking to show their support for the advice sector. The Leicester Legal Walk is an enjoyable event celebrating the work of the legal profession and advice sector in protecting people’s rights and prompting equal access to justice for all.

To find out more about the work of the Trust or to register your team please visit the MLST website at http://www.mlst.org.uk/.

You can find the event on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MidlandLST) or follow the walk on Twitter @MidlandLST or by using the hashtag #legalwalk.