Anti-discrimination and Modern Day Slavery Statement

At Leicestershire Law Society, we have always valued diversity amongst our members, Patrons, Business Partners, Guests and Volunteers.

2020 has been an eventful year highlighting many injustices still prevalent in our societies in England and further afield.  These events have caused us at the LLS to reflect on our work in diversity, equality and promoting justice.

At the LLS we stand in solidarity with those who have been affected by discrimination and modern slavery.  We are open to challenge in our own practices and note how unconscious bias can lead to unintended consequences.  We will therefore actively review, our own practices to ensure they do not adversely effect any protected group of people.

Bias and discrimination are a threat to a just and functioning legal system, which is an important part of a democratic society.  We will therefore challenge bias and discriminatory practices that lead to injustice in our society. This will ensure the rule of law applies to everyone equally and justly.

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